Yuma, AZ Ident


When did it change from KYUM to KNYL? It’s been KYUM for as long as I can remember. Guess they decided to go with the Navy/USMC ident, beginning with “KN”, like KNKX, KNZY, KNFL, KNJK to name a few. Just wondering when & why they did that.

Note to staff…
As of this posting, the KNYL resource page doesn’t have any runway info or charts…they are still on the KYUM page.


Yuma is a joint use base. The Marines use NYL for the identifier while the civilian side is YUM. It has been like this for decades.

See this discussion.


They officially changed it as of June 5th.

MCAS Yuma began operating a new electronic system for weather and NOTAM reporting, but it allows input only to one identifier so the FAA decided to do away with YUM completely and start using NYL.

The current (May-October) Phoenix sectional still shows YUM, but the latest June 5th edition of the Airport/Facility Directory shows the change to NYL.


Ahh ok…
Yeah I can see what dami was saying, but I’ve seen like 3 civilian flights filed to KNYL recently. It’s a good option for a student x/c from here. They all used to file KYUM.
Thanks for the info 8)


Why is nothing showing for Yuma,AZ on the tracker and it isn’t even listed under cities in AZ, please fix thx.


Did you read Pocho’s post above? Try using NYL (or KNYL) for Yuma.

Why it’s not listed under Arizona, I don’t know. However, you can get airport information by going to flightaware.com/resources/airport/KNYL


flightaware.com/live/airport/KYUM shouldn’t exist anymore; I’ll have someone fix that on Monday.


Anyone know if the airlines will change to the new code too, or will they stay with the old “YUM” for reservations/bag tags etc?
I’ve seen it before, where an airport changes their ICAO code, but the airlines keep using the old IATA (FCA/KGPI for one).


The IATA code is YUM, the ICAO code is KNYL, and the FAA location identifier is NYL.


Cool, can you also add Yuma to the AZ cities list also since it is not showing there? Thank you


Kind of strange you can still get to flightaware.com/live/airport/KYUM…. I’ll have someone look at it in the morning.