KNYL or KYUM: Which is Yuma?


This is the latest flight of BOE876, one of the Large Cargo Freighters built to haul pieces of the 787 around. It went to KNYL, which Flightaware recognizes as Yuma Mcas Yuma Int’l. But if you go to the airport info, there’s no information.

There is lots of information for KYUM, also recognized as Yuma Mcas Yuma Int’l. This is also the recognized code at

So are there really two designations for the same airport? Why would this plane fly to one designation when everyone else seems to use the other?

Inquiring minds want to know! :question:



Wow! Good question.

The answer should be interesting! :laughing:


NYL is MCAS Yuma
YUM is Yuma International Airport
It’s a joint use airfield.

For more data on
this topic please search this here
forum using search

Anybody recognize what the last three sentences form? Hint: far east






I did search the forums and found nothing to indicate why this has two valid(?) codes. I know it’s a joint-use airfield, like Albuquerque Sunport/Kirtland AFB and Honolulu/Hickam AFB. But, as far as I can tell, those use the same code for both entities.

Dami, can you show me another example of a joint-use airfield that has two valid(?, again) codes in Flightaware? Then, since your haiku seems to indicate that a simple search of the forums would’ve found me this answer, can you show me the keywords you entered to come up with it? :neutral_face:



PHIK/PHNL for one … ight=joint
All I did was enter “joint” into the search box above…


Ya know, you spend way too much time ragging on people using the search feature for some obscure things. I consider myself reasonably computer literate, and never would have thought of using the word joint in finding what he needed.

His question WAS NOT a frequently asked question, so instead of putting all your efforts making people feel inferior to your expertise, why not just show them the link and move on especially on a question that quite frankly was a good question.



He asked what search term I used. I gave it to him. He even mentioned the word “joint” in his reply.

If you are as computer literate as you say you are then you should realize that when you search for something you should use different terms until you get what you need. For example, if you use “joint-use” and don’t get the result you want, then reduce the word to, say, “joint.”

I can’t help it if I sound gruff on this board. When you use a written form of communications such as this forum then the tone of your voice never comes through. It may sound rough but it wasn’t meant to be that way.


To be fair, he didn’t use the term “joint” until you did. I’m guessing he didn’t know that term when he did his original search.

Deep breaths for all. It’s just the internet. :slight_smile:


Thank you, exactly my point and exactly what I said. I would have had no earthly idea to think of using the word joint in a search regarding this thread’s topic. And YES, I know about search parameters.

I just hate seeing folks taking the time to step up to the keyboard seeking assistance to a question and be treated so rudely. I don’t want new folks to think we are all like that.

Bottom line, quality assistance CAN be given in writing without arrogance or sounding gruff.

And yes, if it’s a redundant question, lead them to the FAQ or forum thread and move on. Side bar derogatory comments are not necessary.

Like you said, it’s just the internet, but in an indirect way, we volunteers giving quality support is a reflection on the Flight Aware website, and rudness is not one of perception I like to see given to Flight Aware.



The more I think about it, the more I think - make that know - I didn’t do anything wrong. Here’s what I said:

PHIK/PHNL for one … ight=joint
All I did was enter “joint” into the search box above…

  1. I answered his question about another airport with two codes
  2. He said he knew it was a JOINT use field. He didn’t say anything about using it before or after my posting. In fact, it sounds like he may have used it when search the forum, although he used joint-use which would probably not have found the posting he was after because of the dash (that’s the “-”) in the search term.
  3. I told him simply that I used JOINT in the search field. Do I need to contact someone to ensure that I used the proper phraseology before answering?


Read carefully above. HERE IS WHAT YOU SAID.

For more data on
this topic please search this here
forum using search

Kinda condescending response in my opinion.

This is the last I will say on this particular thread.



Here is my two cents.

Dami… you should have used a Shakespearian Sonate. :wink:

I’d love to see the rhyming cuplet.

lieberman… I just imagine the voice of the " Comic Book Guy " when I read your posts and they sound way less intense.

Now, can’t we all just get along. :slight_smile:


No. You just should probably make sure you know what he searched for before you post a reply that may be considered rude.

Like you said, “When you use a written form of communications such as this forum then the tone of your voice never comes through.” I would err on the side of caution less you want to be thought of as “rough”.

PS - the “make that know” doesn’t help either. :wink:


Just for everyone’s information, I searched on KNYL, then on KYUM, then on Yuma, then on YUM*. I didn’t know that it was because it was joint-use, but I suspected it. If Dami had just said that originally, I would’ve thanked him and that would be that. But his haiku irked me (and others) a bit. He assumed I hadn’t searched.

BTW, I’ve been on this forum for just about a year, though I don’t often post as I’m usually only reading once a week or so. I understand there is a problem with people asking the same questions over and over again, but not everyone that asks is guilty of not searching.

To use a favorite analogy of mine: There are lots of fake $20 bills out there, but not all $20 bills are fake! :exclamation:



Haiku is chinese (Or Japanese) to me…
I might understand it after a few joints…