XML Feed

It would be nice if we could have an xml feed with customized a/c, kind of like ‘my flightaware’ page, to go on google’s customized homepage that would show the a/c status. Any plans for a feed?

I’m also very interested in an XML feed of flight data.

FlightAware was recommended to me recently to allow my family to track a flight I’ll be on soon. I’ve spent some time looking around and tracking random planes and I have to say the service you’re running here is utterly fantastic.

Once I noticed longitude and latitude were provided in each flight’s tracking profile, I had an idea and started digging around for an XML feed. I wanted to track my flight via Google Maps and possibly even Google Earth by taking data from FlightAware at regular intervals.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any XML feeds and it looks like that isn’t something you provide.

So I’d like to second this thread’s original request. It’s something that would really add a lot to your already outstanding service.

Edit: I should’ve done some more research. You do offer this as a commercial service which, for a one-time thing, probably wouldn’t be much use to me.