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Aircraft Data on SkyAware

I’ve recently reconfigured my office to have a dashboard that monitors my network, and I’ve dedicated a screen to SkyAware (my office has no windows, I take what I can get for amusement!). I’d like to be able to run it full screen and have a data tag on each aircraft showing ident, type, destination, altitude, speed, rather than having to click on each one (the machine doesn’t generally have a keyboard/mouse attached. Basically looking for something similar to the map display that you find with that other flight tracking company (that didn’t deem me worthy to get one of their receivers), but using the realtime data coming out of my FlightFeeder and then pulling the rest from the various other FlightAware data sources and correlating it into an ATC-style label.

I’m in the middle of flyover country (literally; I’m at the exact great circle midpoint between JFK and LAX), and so every now and then we get some interesting stuff going overhead (we had a JANET flight yesterday that flew into Kansas City through a hailstorm!), although a whole LOT less than we used to… mid-day on a weekday is a tiny handful of aircraft now, traffic is down to about a quarter of what it used to be.

I’d also like to see the altitude scale extended - because of my location, we get a fair bit of GA traffic above 40,000, so everything commercial and private from about 37,000 and up ends up all the same color.

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