XA-PPC Falcon 20C off runway in Vail CO - photos . . .

EAGLE, Colo.(AP) - Eagle County officials say a plane carrying seven people en route to Mexico slid off the runway in an aborted takeoff at Eagle County Regional Airport.

Eagle County spokeswoman Kris Friel says none of the passengers was injured during the attempted takeoff Friday afternoon. The plane was carrying four passengers and three crew members.

Friel says it’s unknown what led to the aborted takeoff. The incident closed the airport’s single runway for two hours. No flights were canceled, but eight were delayed.

photos from; taviation-safety.ne

Wow, impressive photos …

Good news, everybody fine

Falcon20C doing drifting … Falcon20C tokyo ‘snow’ race.

I think Bo Duke was the pilot. Good thing it stayed in one piece. :wink:

You do know that Bo was from Georgia… Not Tejas :open_mouth:

I think everyone knows that…

So…who has the duct tape today?

Apparently the Mexican crew wasn’t familiar with driving in snow and didn’t know to steer into the skid.

That’ll all buff out.

I don’t think they need it…

They’ll need something - I’m pretty sure the main gear aren’t designed to retract into the wing. And that actually looks like one “crash” that would have been semi-fun to be a passenger on.