N62PG Learjet 36 off runway in Chennault LA . . .

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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Chennault International Airport is closed to air traffic after a small private jet makes a crash landing. As KPLC’s Lee Peck reports the FAA is now on the scene investigating as cleanup crews remove the plane.

It was just after noon Tuesday that a private Lear jet approaching Chennault International Airport made a crash landing.

“It skidded off the runway and ended up in the dirt backwards,” explained Chennault Executive Director Randy Robb.

Robb says initial reports indicate that cross winds could be to blame. The only two souls on board - the pilot and co-pilot - both escaped without injury. However, the small plane is believed to have taken on damage to its front landing gear and a fuel line near the left wing was also compromised.

“A small fuel leak. Our fire department got that contained and the cleanup is in progress,” said Robb. “In the meantime all runways are closed to air traffic and planes are being diverted to other airports.”

A total of thirteen planes had to be diverted, meanwhile the Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the crash as well as the charter company which owns the plane.

“We’ve got a recovery outfit out of Houston coming out here to pull this thing out of the dirt so we don’t damage the airplane any more than normal,” said Robb.

Once that is done, the runway will be reopened for traffic.

Been a bad couple of months for Lears :frowning: Glad everyone is okay…

Another Lear (55) in Aspen without injury. Aircraft over run on Sept 11, and departed today the 15th so very minor damage if any.

** Report created 9/15/2009 Record 14 **

Regis#: 54NW Make/Model: LJ55 Description: LEARJET 55
Date: 09/11/2009 Time: 1728

Event Type: Incident Highest Injury: None Mid Air: N Missing: N
Damage: Minor

City: ASPEN State: CO Country: US


INJURY DATA Total Fatal: 0
# Crew: 2 Fat: 0 Ser: 0 Min: 0 Unk:
# Pass: 0 Fat: 0 Ser: 0 Min: 0 Unk:
# Grnd: Fat: 0 Ser: 0 Min: 0 Unk:


Activity: Business Phase: Landing Operation: OTHER

FAA FSDO: DENVER, CO (NM03) Entry date: 09/14/2009

Couldn’t have been that bad…


Scratch that, looks like they went back Day VFR (ferry permit) maybe gonna have Cutter take a look at 'er.

So what was the tail number on the plane? N62PG or N54NW? N62PG is a Phoenix Air Group plane.

N62PG was the -36 (Air Ambulance out of Cartersville GA) off the RW and N54NW is a -55 that was off the RW in Aspen but it prob. wasn’t that bad cause it was flying shortly after