UAL skids off rwy in KJAC


Any more news on this?

I was just there last week and they have alot of snow in the valley right now.


FAA Preliminary Report


                   NTSB ADVISORY 

National Transportation Safety Board
Washington, DC 20594

February 27, 2008


The National Transportation Safety Board sent two
investigators to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to investigate an
incident in which a United Airlines jet veered off the side
of a runway.

On February 25, 2008, at 9:16 p.m. MST, an Airbus A-320,
registration N442UA, operated by United Airlines as flight
267, departed the right side of runway 19 during landing at
Jackson Hole Airport. The captain, first officer, four
flight attendants and 119 passengers evacuated the aircraft
via the emergency slides. During the evacuation, one of
the inflatable slides did not deploy. No serious injuries
have been reported.

The airplane departed Denver at 7:44 pm MST with the
intended destination of Jackson Hole. Visual meteorological
conditions prevailed during the nighttime landing. The
reported weather at the airport about the time of the
incident was wind calm, visibility of 10 miles, and overcast
clouds at 3200 feet above the ground.

The airplane came to rest on its landing gear at about a 90
degree angle to the runway in snow about three feet deep.
An initial examination of the aircraft revealed no readily
visible signs of structural damage or evidence of fire.

The captain and first officer have both been interviewed by
Safety Board investigators. The cockpit voice recorder (CVR)
and flight data recorder (FDR) were removed from the
aircraft and sent to the NTSB headquarters in Washington
where they will be read out.

Investigators are expected to remain on-scene for several
days as they continue their documentation of the incident.

NTSB Public Affairs: Peter Knudson
(202) 314-6100


That scares me. A few years I had a flight out of Jackson Hole and we barely got off the runway…what if is was me? :open_mouth: :open_mouth:


KJAC: Runway 6300’ + elevation 6451’ = You better have your ship together, no matter the weather. And this one went off the SIDE of the runway? Makes me wonder if a wheel brake or thrust reverser failed after touchdown, causing the plane to swerve like that.
I’m highly surprised there haven’t been any other accidents at this airport. The closest thing I could find was the C130 that ran into a mountain east of the airport after departing, back in 1996.



Please don’t tell me JAC is becoming a TED destination! For those of you not in the know TED is the red headed stepchild of the United family. They are A320’s in an all coach configuration and any UA frequent flier would rather take a Greyhound bus than board one of these planes. There are a lot of UA FFers who would rather have seen the plane go up in flames (as long as no one was hurt, of course).


According to the Ted route map, JAC is not a destination.

You should remember, though, that Ted’s aircraft are United’s aircraft (mainly because Ted is part of United). Because of this relationship, it’s not unusual for Ted to fly United flights.


Dami, you are right. UA FFers just hate to see uncle TED show up in new locales. TED was designed to serve “leisure” destinations and every UA FFer holds their collective breath and hopes that new “leisure” markets aren’t added. Pity the poor souls who had a confirmed F seat on that plane only to show up and find out they’ll be seated in a regular Y seat with a blocked middle.


I’d though that Ted went the way of Song, i.e. back into United…Regardless…

I didn’t know they had slides over the Wings…How does that work??..Are they loaded under the Escape Door, or are they loaded into the Top fo the wing??..


TED aircraft have Economy Plus and regular Economy. If you have a confirmed F seat you’ll receive a refund for the fare difference or miles you used to upgrade and a seat in Economy Plus. The aircraft are not cattle cars. They have 66 Economy Plus seats with a 36" pitch and 90 Economy seats with a 31" pitch. For comparison 36" is the same pitch as NW’s domestic first class A320’s and the 31" pitch in back is the same as economy class in United’s regular A320’s. All they did is replace F with more economy plus seats, the rest of the a/c remains the same.


How many miles did you fly with UA last year? I did a little over 120k (every single flight except one, RDU to ORD was in F) and everyone I know despises TED. UA’s F cabin typically has 38" of pitch and a 20.5" seat width so 36" and 18" inches is cramped. NW has a terrible domestic product so anything compared to them looks good.

Sooner or later TED will die, there are strong indications of this from WHQ.


Of course elites who usually get an F seat for free don’t like not getting it, but it gives the lower level elites and full fare passengers (who are more important on the routes the TED aircraft are meant to serve) more guaranteed Economy Plus seats.

I agree that substituting TED a/c for regular A320’s should be avoided at all costs, but sometimes that cost is a significant delay. Would you rather leave on time and have a few passengers who usually get upgraded to F have to fly in Economy plus or would you rather get delayed significantly for those handful of passengers?

All I was saying is that for the majority of passengers who aren’t flying F, there is no difference between a TED aircraft and a regular UA A320 as it has the same pitch for economy and economy plus as the regular fleet and the same number of economy seats.

If TED gets axed it probably won’t be for customer reasons, but for the added costs of operating the separate subfleet and the added cost of running an extra flight attendant for having the extra seats.


You can certainly look at it as elites are getting their F seats for free but you can also look at someone who flies 30 - 35 roundrtrips a year and payes an average of $500 - $600 per roundtrip with a few international flights thrown in for good measure (in paid C at $5,000 - $7,000) as someone you want to keep happy. Personally, I feel I’ve paid for my F seat when I receive the upgrade. :smiley:

I agree with you TED’s ultimate downfall will be the 4th FA required for 6 extra seats. That and the 1K’s who bitch every chance they (we) get. As one employee told me; “management listens to 1K’s, they don’t listen to us.”