Minor Incidents

Thought I’d start a topic for topics that don’t need their own topic like random incidents and accidents. :laughing:

For starters:

An older style fighter jet experienced a rough landing at the Arlington Municipal Airport Tuesday evening. a Dornier Alpha Jet, which is a twin engine German jet strike aircraft came in for a hard landing after the landing gear either collapsed or failed to deploy.



Perfect. I can do Barely Notable Activity:
Plane stuck in mud after going off runway
Plane Stuck In Mud At Fort Collins Airport
(KFNL) I particularly like the line "I heard it skidding ‘err’ " from the 2nd article. Makes it sound like it overran, but there were conflicting reports on that from different people. The reporters never said if FAA or NTSB will get involved.

Great - I like the barely notable incidents idea too. Here you go:

postandcourier.com/news/2009 … eweb86153/

flightaware.com/live/flight/AWI3 … /KCHS/KCHS

FAA incident report
FlightAware Track

The captain did indeed just unintentionally cut the corner of the turn off at taxi speed. The aircraft was unloaded, planking was placed in front of the RH main gear (the side that departed the hard surface), and the aircraft was towed back onto the taxiway. The RH main gear was inspected by maintenance personel, then the aircraft was test flown to ensure that there were no gear retraction/extension issues. After all involved at Allegiant were satisfied, the aircraft was returned to service. As there was no damage to the aircraft, the was no need for NTSB involvement.

I stubbed my toe on the airstair this morning, does that count?

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Trying to revive my lame thread…

In May a 210 landed in a Seattle park, short of BFI (Boeing Field)

News story about the landing and fence post that punctured the wing (with no fuel leak). http://www.seattlepi.com/local/406540_plane25.html


Here’s the pilot’s report (note qualifications of the co-pilot) http://www.ntsb.gov/Dockets/Aviation/WPR09CA262/420643.pdf


During the descent for landing, the airplane’s engine lost all power, so the pilot switched to the other fuel tank, which contained 15 gallons, and then attempted a restart. When the restart was unsuccessful, the pilot executed a forced landing in a city park. During the landing flare, the airplane’s right wing impacted a tall sign post, but the touchdown and roll out were successful. An FAA inspector examined the airplane on scene and found the right tank was empty and the left tank contained 15 gallons. The pilot told the inspector that he failed to use a checklist during the restart attempt, and as a result, forgot to activate the required fuel boost pump after switching tanks. After the airplane was recovered and fuel was placed in the left tank, the engine was successfully run with the fuel selector on the left tank.


Indeed the report notes that “Pilot B” was the pilot and “Pilot A” was “Other Flight Crew”. :confused:


That’s not the first time a fuel gauge on a cessna has read more then was in the tank…

Note the hours at the bottom though - only 428 in multiengine - leads me to believe while he has completed many certifications, he’s not an active airline or commercial pilot.

This is a “barely notable” thread… I didn’t even notice this thread till today!

I’d guess this counts as a “minor incident”. This made national news yesterday, but actually took place only about 2 miles from my house on a bridge that I travel daily. The locals don’t seem to see how someone could have mistaken an RC helo for a real one, but I think without something to reference the size to in the sky, that it could/would easily happen. I also think that whoever was responsible for doing this knew exactly what they were doing and got the reaction they were looking for.

postandcourier.com/news/2009 … -from-sky/

My brothers call the 526 bridge “The NASCAR Experience”. I’m surprised anyone was driving slow enough to notice an RC helo!!!

hey pthomas - so someone that knows Charleston eh? Yeah, 526 can definitely be hairy at times, and that took place at afternoon rush, so I can only imagine. There’s actually 2 bridges on 526 - the Wando and Don Holt. I live off 526 between the two - they both definitely qualify as a NASCAR experience!


OKEECHOBEE, Fla. – A small plane crash in Okeechobee injured the pilot Saturday morning.

Police said the plane crashed near Highway 441 and 50th Street in the early-morning hours.

EDIT: Is this considered minor? Oh well.

More Info: wptv.com/content/news/topsto … cyZRA.cspx


Thank you for the information and for having easier-to-read posts.

Another minor incident (I think). Not alot of info on this from any of our Charleston news sources, so I’ll probably have to wait on the FAA prelim to figure it out:

www2.counton2.com/cbd/news/local … rt/110688/

The Charleston County Aviation Authority said the Mount Pleasant Regional Airport closed Tuesday after a plane went down.
A news release sent out Tuesday reported that at 11:15 Tuesday morning, a Piper Cherokee had an accident while trying to land at Mount Pleasant Regional Airport.
Authorities arrived at the scene and found the pilot of the plane OK, said Becky Beaman, director of public affairs for the Charleston County Aviation Authorities. The pilot was the only one aboard, she said.
The FAA has been contacted.