Northwest Jet Stuck on Taxiway at KDCA


Breaking news:

An NWA jet is reported to be stuck on a taxiway. I haven’t actually heard the story on the news yet, so I don’t have any particulars as yet, but I suspect it might be flight number 1566. Northwest’s Web site reports that the “flight landed at 9:11PM but has not arrived gate”. FlightAware shows 1566’s arrival time as 9:17PM and it was after 11:00 when I checked the status of the flight.

The reports indicate that the plane’s wheels may have gone off the taxiway and gotten stuck in the ice. Actually, “the ice” out this way is pretty slushy now, so I’d bet that it’s really stuck in the mud there.


Looks like the flight made it to the gate at 11:10 PM



The above is a link to what is a B6 story on the Bill of Rights on the Today Show. Why I post it here is because near the end of it they talk about two planes skidding off the runway at DCA. Both turning onto a closed taxiway.

EDIT: Here is something from the Washington Post:


It appears that the transcript of the CVR is going to be interesting reading.


Considering that the storm layed down the ice over a week ago, it’s interesting how TWO different airplanes suddenly commit the same atrocity within a couple of hours of one another…

If one pilot does it, it’s easy to suspect pilot error. If two of 'em do it, then something must be wrong with the system.


Two could still be a coincidince, but it is suspicious. Three or more and you almost know for sure there is something wrong.