Shuttle America slid off runway KCLE

70 or so people…everyone ok!

Check out the article just below the airplane article. People never cease to amaze me…one word…“vaginaplasty”.

Those lake effect squalls can dump a pretty nice coating of snow down very quickly. I saw a few eyewitness accounts that said the pilot didn’t leave much runway for rollout by the time he touched down.

Seems there was heavy snow, low ceilings, high winds, and quarter mile visibility at the time of the overrun. Not the best conditions for a landing.

2007-02-18 19:56 KCLE 181956Z 30016KT 1/4SM +SN BKN006 BKN015 OVC041 M07/M11 A3001 SPECI

From the pictures I’ve seen (and the general whereabouts of the aircraft as indicated in news reports), it appears as though he landed on Rwy. 28. The fact that it’s by far the shortest of CLE’s runways (6017 ft.) didn’t help matters any.

The only reason they were using that runway is because of the winds. That was the only runway open. I live here and know people that work there and were present that day. Several aircraft took off and landed before that one came in.

Yep. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not questioning the fact that they landed on 28, I’m just saying that its lack of length didn’t make a tough situation any better. I work for UPS, and I was talking to our air driver who said it slid right next to our building up there.

Do these airline guys do TOLD data for each landing? I would think they would know going in, given the conditions (wind, runway length, RCR, min control ground speed etc), if it was going to be close on stopping distance. We always set a very specific set of parameters to be met by the pilot flying when we are landing in less than ideal conditions (like windy snowy days). If any parameter is off, we go around. And if it looks like we can’t get it done, we hold and reduce gross weight or go somewhere else. I realize sometimes crap happens, but if you’ve got your TOLD calculations done and can show that you did what you needed to do to make sure the landing was safe, you can cover your ass. I’m guessing this is the case for these guys too.

Yes. Every commercial operator. Scheduled or non-scheduled makes no difference. If the numbers don’t make it you can’t do it. Most likely the numbers made it but as you said, crap happens. Be interesting to read the NTSB report when it is done though.