Wrong type? A320neo shown as A320ceo

I thank the Flight Aware creators for this amazing resource which I enjoy extensively. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wrong variant of A320
Just a query I have. I’ve come across instances where the airplane variant is wrong on FlightAware but is correct on rival tracking services.

Specifically I see the A320neo shown as A320ceo.


  • Bamboo Airways Flight BAV144.
  • This is flown by an A320neo (A20N)

Note the reg# shown in PlaneFinder. This is here, it shows its A320neo

Flightradar link

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If I am mistaken , my apologies.

Ya, just a little oops.

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For this flight, we received schedule information in advance that indicated it would be flown by an A320 (not A20N); and, when the actual aircraft flying the scheduled flight was known, we did not have any further information about aircraft type for VN-A599 to contradict that.

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Thank you for your reply, I understand now :slightly_smiling_face: