Incorrect aircrafttype in AirlineFlightSchedules response?


Anyone know how often are aircraft types updated in the API, specifically for AirlineFlightSchedules queries? When searching via the API I consistently get incorrect information about aircrafttype (and seats_cabin_ numbers, but that’s expected and not a big deal). By way of example, when searching for flights between KSEA and KSFO on VRD I get A320 as the type when I know for a fact that there are A319 or A321 aircraft also making the trip on a given day (and they also show up as such when searching on the FlightAware site).

Any help would be much appreciated!!

Also, while I’m at it, is there a way to get the IATA equipment code in the AirlineFlightSchedules search? ICAO is very often not specific enough (e.g., ASA 737-800s show up as B738 which is the correct ICAO, but ASA uses the IATA code of 73H)…


At this time, all of our APIs are only able to provide responses in ICAO format since that is what we internally normalize all of our data into.