Wrong Aircraft type

FlightAware has the wrong A/C type for the HS-748 in Canada.
It shows as a “HS-780 Andover”. There are no Andovers registered in Canada.
The '748 is referred to by ATC as an ‘A748’. This is from the original manufacture company ‘AVRO’.
Here is a good discription:


  id  | code |        mfr        |      type
  530 | A748 | AIL               | 748
  979 | A748 | Avro              | 748
  985 | A748 | Avro              | C-91
 1701 | A748 | British Aerospace | BAe-748
 4039 | A748 | Hawker Siddeley   | Andover
 4042 | A748 | Hawker Siddeley   | C-91
 4060 | A748 | Hawker Siddeley   | HS-748
 4061 | A748 | Hawker Siddeley   | HS-748 Andover
 4062 | A748 | Hawker Siddeley   | HS-780 Andover
 4160 | A748 | HINDUSTAN         | 748
 4605 | A748 | KANPUR            | 748

Which of these options do you think best represents the A748 fleet operating in the US and Canada? 979?

Air Creebec, for example, refers to its A748 as a Hawker Siddley 748 2A Cargo.


The Andover has a rear loading ramp. Neither First Air nor Air Creebec operate that model.

This is how I remember them when they were the hot new thing!

4060 | A748 | Hawker Siddeley | HS-748

Crashcade bought them (and built a mx facility for them at YKM) just before they went out of business.

Hi All
In Canada, there are only A748-2A and A748-2B models. The 2B has a 4ft longer wing. Operators include First Air, Air Inuit, Wasaya, Air Cree, Calmair, Air North. I think Westwind has parked theirs.
The Andover is not certified in Canada. The designator ‘C-91’ seems to be a military designator with the Brazilian Airforce.
Even a ‘BAE 748’ is acceptable as BAE has taken over the responsibility of the type in issuing NTO’s to the present operators.
As long as FlightAware does not refer to the '748 as a ‘780 Andover’ is good.
I hope the Administrator will make this change.
Thanks guys, for the input!

Cheers, Happy Skies!

2B … that’s the model Cascade had http://www.airliners.net/open.file/0262023/M/