FlightAware and the new DLH 747-8I

I am trying to track the actual flights of the new Lufthansa 747-8I , now active on the EDDF - KIAD - EDDF stretches.
However only 744 is indicated ? AFAIK only at day 2 (Tuesday) a 744 is scheduled, all other days are operated with the 747-8I
Is there a type-indication difference between a 747-8F and a 747-8I ?

The F stands for Freighter and the I stands for Intercontinental.

They are more than likely both listed under the B748 code, just as the B747-400 (pax) and B747-400F (freighter) are listed under the same code (B744).

Almost every DLH418 flights (EDDF-KIAD) is still listed incorrectly with aircraft type 744.
When actual tracking these flights on the chart 748 is indicated but in the flight data (RH side of page) 744 is listed.
Also in the listing of previous flights the aircraft type is not correctly indicated.
All return flights DLH 419 (KIAD-EDDF) are listed correct.

Call the Lufthansa dispatch office and complain to them. They file the flight plans.

The airline sends us an ambiguous code in their FLIFO system and we don’t get the actual flightplan from the US until they’re already in flight (at which point we won’t change the aircraft type). We have the European flight plan, but the information isn’t publicly redistributable. We’re working to better understand what they’re sending in the FLIFO system to discriminate the different 747s.