B74H vs B748



This is my first time posting here. I was wondering if anyone knew that when the pilots and ATC call in or out for
a B747-8 they use the code word “74H” because there was already an aircraft named “748” ? :slight_smile:


The HS748 you are referring to I believe has a code of A748 (Avro was the original maker of the aircraft).


Was Avro also ATP ?


The ATP evolved from the HS748. It was made by British Aerospace.

The AV748 was first produced in 1960. In 1963 Avro became a subsidiary of Hawker Siddeley and the aircraft was renamed HS748. Hawker Siddeley became a founding component of the nationalized British Aerospace and the aircraft was once again renamed, this time as the BAe 748.


Thank you. Hence the B748 being called 74H :slight_smile:


According to FlighAware, the 747-8 is coded B748. I didn’t see any aircraft marked as B74H.

Looking at the latest FAA contractions publication and amendment, I didn’t find either B748 or B74H as aircraft codes.


Yes, 74H is the IATA code for the B748 (which is an ICAO code). H is the 8th letter of the alphabet.