A380 and B748 to IAH

This is just an observation, they have painted A380 marks on the J-Line of D-12 and B748 marks on the J-Line of D-11 and have replaced both jetways to accomodate these aircraft.

Which airline first for the A380 and the B748 to IAH?

Only two airlines have ordered teh 747-8: Korean and Lufthansa. Korean doesn’t have passenger service to IAH. 7 VIP versions have been ordered but they probably wouldn’t go to the passenger terminal.

airlines that have ordered a380 and serve IAH are Air France, Emirates, British, lufthansa, qatar, & Singapore.

i havent heard of any airline announcing 747-8/a380 service to iah. 1st delivery of the 747-8 won’t be until 2011. the 1st 747-8f will be delivered later this year.

my guess is that they are anticipating filghts to iah with these a/c without any firm knowledge of what airline will operate them or when.

Awesome! Can’t wait!!!