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Writing Files to a micro SD card

Can anyone suggest an alternative to Etcher for writing files to a micro SD card? I’ve had numerous attempts with Etcher including running as an Administrator but it keeps failing.

Many thanks

How does it fail, specifically?

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Win32DiskImager if you are using Windows.


I’ve used Win32DiskImager for many years and in some ways I prefer it to Etcher.
Ignoring that, Etcher works fine for most people, so if you are having repeated fails, it looks like something else is going wrong.
Do you have a different SD card to try?

I have had times where the SD card can’t be written to and I’ve assumed it to be corrupted (power fail maybe).
I have been able to resurrect some cards using SD Card Formatter from SD Association

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Exactly same with me

Many thanks, that’s worked fine