Wouldn't it be great if SWA got Airbus?


Just wanted to see what you guys think of this. The 737 series is great, but I feel Southwest needs to meet other airlines expectations with aircraft. :question:



Not sure, no, make that don’t know, what you mean by " Southwest needs to meet other airlines expectations with aircraft." The 737 is the longest serving, most sold jet airliner, bar none. Some versions of it seat as many passengers, if not more, than the 707 with half the engines and 2/3 of the cockpit crew.

The expense of adding an Airbus to their fleet would be extremely costly. With an all 737 fleet, any pilot can sub for any other pilot because most, if not all, Southwest pilots can fly any model of the 737, from the 300 to the 800. A pilot would need to be dual rated to fly an Airbus and a 737.

The airline would also have to stockpile spares for the Airbus aircraft, another no so insubstantial cost.


Yeah i wasn’t counting on having them do that, since they didn’t want the 717s from TRS. :cry: :wink:




too bad they only use 737 lol it would be great to add different types of aircraft to there fleet


I’d love to see them operated every Boeing aircraft from the 707 to the 787 plus several propliners (L-188, DC-6, etc.). However Southwest is in the business to make money. Operating non-B737 aircraft isn’t, in their business plan, a way to make money.


Some one who agrees with me :laughing:


i agree


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