Does Southwest Airlines Have an Airline Fleet Webpage Like



This is a great site for information and I was hoping Southwest might have something similar. Does anyone know of a link?


Southwest wouldn’t have a need to have a fleet webpage as they only fly one type of aircraft . Which is a 737. There are slight variations of the 737 in the amount of passengers each can carry but the seat layout is the same for all aircraft in their fleet. Which is three abreast .


I think he’s more interesting in seeing an up-to-date breakdown of 737 classics leaving the fleet, and soon, which aircraft will have the new seats and which -700s will have the Sky Interior retrofit. Pretty soon they will have five subfleets.

  1. 737-500
  2. 737-300
  3. 737-700 standard interior w/ new or old seats
  4. 737-700 sky interior
  5. 738-800

and this doesn’t include a breakdown of former Airtran vs. New build to WN vs. second-hand acquired 737-700’s, which are all very similar but the keen eye can pick up some differences.