World Economic Forum - Zurich


Just curious if anyone has ever visited Zurich airport during or for the World Economic Forum. Is security intense and uncomfortable with people looking at Corporate Jets? I once heard there are organized ramp tours. Any information would be appreciated.



not sure. is zurich the nearest airport to davos?


I sure thought it was.



The closest biz jet airport is FDH Friedrichshafen in Germany 60 miles.

However Lugano Airport in Switzerland is 71 miles, they have a website and lots of biz jet photos, I believe they will be able to answer any of your questions, and if not, direct you to who can. Lugano is a small airport, so I would assume the majority would use Zurich?

Their contact info is on this page;

This is their biz jet gallery; … usinessjet

Just a note; Zurich is 72 miles, Innsbruck 77 miles, and Milan 97 miles from Davos. If your going over there, have a great trip…


I just happen to be in Friedrichshafen right now. :slight_smile: I haven’t seen any another private jets in Friedrichsafen (EDNY-ICAO) before. They have regular airline service though.

Innsbruck & Zurich have better parking and would get more traffic.
To see amazing corporate birds Basel is great. It’s really secure and might not be spotter friendly. When I was there last Jet Aviation had a 747 in a hanger with Falcons & Gulfstreams tucked around it like little goslings.


Zurich is indeed the airport used for the WEF and very accessible it is too for the spotter/photographer!

The BUCHair shop Zurich organizes coach trips around the airport at the time of the event - many of the ramp shots on Anet/Jetphotos etc come from these tours but they tend to be oversubscribed due popularity.
Zurich has proper hassle free viewing decks from which to watch the action too; you still get quantity each year (‘heavy’ US blocked biz and some gems from Africa) but quality seems to be dropping over the last few years. A number of a/c drop and go using Basle/Geneva for parking.

Worth a trip but pack your thermals.



I have visited Zurich for this event for the last 2 years now and thoroughly recommend it.

As well as the terrace, there are excellent viewing areas at the end of the runway. There’s one each side so you move round as the sun goes round.

This year’s pics at

Many jets drop off their passengers and park up at other airports, returning when the WEF is finished.

As suggested, can get quite cold there.

Bob Holland UK