Lovely Swiss Airport Web Cam

Life today is so harried, it is such a joy each day to click on the web cam site maintained by Samedan Airport/Flughafen, Switzerland. The airport serves the Engadin Valley and St. Moritz. Said to be the highest in Europe. What a beautiful picture, updated every minute, at this lovely valley airport. [Friday, gorgeous snowfall. Six hours ahead of EST.]

Were all the world to look so peaceful. Of course, in truth, I doubt every pilot considers this such a nice, little airport, given its elevation and tight turning quarters. But, for us not flying into or out of it, such a visual joy to get us up and over life’s next obstacle!

They have a lot of snow at that airport!

One time I got kicked off an airbase in Switzerland. Something about riding my bike down the runway. I couldn’t understand the guy and he acted like he doesn’t speak any english. And YES I was taking pictures, is that so wrong???

Snowing again today. A pathway [walking, riding, blading] goes around much of the lone runway. [Actually, the whole Engadine Valley is a biking/rollerblading paradise.]

Security is a little less than what you would find in the US, to say the least. But, times are changing.

My observation, having been there many times, is that the average income of people flying into Samedan is at or just below that of Bill Gates. Sort of a Jackson Hole or Aspen-type clientele. What with the value of the dollar these days, my visits are now pretty much limited to what I can view on the web!