Woman Dies on Delta Flight...


A passenger aboard a Delta Air Lines flight from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, to New York died while en route, an airline spokesman said.

Another Delta Incident. How NOT to pick up women!

The FBI says 38-year-old Anthony David Watson of Fredericksburg, Texas, walked to the rear of the Delta Air Lines plane, suggested the attendant enter the lavatory with him and then punched her in the face when she yelled for help.

My God! :angry: What’s wrong with people…?

That’s too bad cause Fredericksburg is a nice town. Vist the nimitz museum if you stop threw.

OH and Delta I almost forgot- That’s Karma for keeping my $75. Ain’t life a Bi*ch? 8)


We are coming down Thursday to Fort Hood. Saturday, Fredricksburg is one of our planned outings. Hope its fun :slight_smile:.

Just remember this simple rule of thumb: accompany anyone who asks to the lavatory, and nobody gets smacked in the face.

No, you smack them first and don’t go in the lavatory…!

Vist the nimitz museum if you stop threw.

Uhhh… :stuck_out_tongue:

Whatever happened to the old Delta motto of “sit down, shut up, and hopefully we’ll get you there in one piece?”

Too bad Delta fired their two brawling Deltalinas… bet they would have handled this guy!

Also stop by the Wineries for a tasting.


The .000000001% of damiross came out of me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Be sure to have your picture taken on the pony ride in Downtown!

Put it here: http://discussions.flightaware.com/viewtopic.php?t=4618&start=3325 and I will give you 50 more cents.