US Air send message to Delta....MOB STYLE...


OK, they really didn’t, but it sounded good…

Body Found in Wheel Well of Delta Flight


It gets mighty cold in that wheel well at 35,000 feet! Dummy should’a worn a jacket! :unamused:


Sadly, that’s neither the first nor the last time that this has happened. I remember a few years ago a body fell out near JFK when the crew put the gear down. I think that flight was also from someplace in Africa. I wonder if it’s an intentional suicide or if they actually think they might survive all the way to the destination.


I remember that flight a few years ago. I think it was a South African A346 coming from somewhere in South Africa. If I remember correctly when the gear was put down the frozen body fell from the aircraft and landed in someones house.


I doubt many of these people are aware of the frigid cold and lack of oxygen at cruising altitudes.


I’m sorry - I just can’t get this image out of my head now…

Well… I guess that’s how the poor schmuck envisioned his arrival.