This plane landed right after a plane carrying my daughter. At first I thought the squiggles in the flight path near Saskatoon were in order to burn time to allow my daughter’s plane (2 hours late) to land first. However, after that plane had already landed, the squiggles continued. At one point, I noticed the icon seemed to be pointing in the opposite direction that the plane was traveling.

Looking back at the entire flight, the whole thing seems to be more squiggly than expected. Could this be from inaccurate heading data? Or is this just normal?

Flight in question is WJA104 from Calgary to Saskatoon 2009-12-28 evening.

Two radar sites, one reporting through Edmonton Center and one reporting through Winnipeg Center, had slightly different views of where the aircraft was, resulting in the squiggles.

Thanks. I noticed after my post that the values seemed to alternate. So is the heading calculated from the radar data then? When multiple radar sources are used like this, would it make sense to calculate heading from just one of the sources? Otherwise, if the views are different, like here, you get absurd results.

Yes, the heading is derived from all the positions.

I just tried plotting the Edmonton and Winnipeg data separately, and I still see squiggles. Strange.

Maybe it was really windy and the radar tower was swaying in the gusts?