Why Squiggly Flight Line ?



Second portion of this flight has squiggly line. Why? Turbulance?


Looks like we were receiving position reports from two radar facilities for the second part and the slightly different readings resulted in what appears to not be a straight track, even though it likely was.


Here in South East Quebec (province), we have nearly always those curly flights line pattern. I thought first it was because of a misinterpretation of decimal vs degrees, minutes, seconds (maybe Canada use one method and US another) but Flightaware interprets it like US for Canada? But i also like your point of view. Why I like mine also it’s because it seems to be Canada wide here even in far North where there only could be canadian radars. Could you verify this?

Flights in my area that have that problem at 16:23 PM EST
N14GV (only when near or over Canada)

due to the lack of zoom in over Canada, we are not able to see the pattern very well, but very better in airport view (CYSG)