Live tracking UAE415 showing opposite heading to actual


I’m tracking today’s UAE415 flight: … /YSSY/OMDB

and frequently it is showing an East/Southeast heading. But it is obviously heading Northwest/West.

Looking at the graph data is rather odd: … B/tracklog

All the Aus ATC (RADAR) measure points sensibly tracked a West heading (but for the odd North, and the really odd Southeast like 10:35AM).

Anything that is FlightAware Approximate or Aus ATC (Calculated) lists the East/Southeast heading. This is really odd. And as for 10:35AM, there has to be a bug here. There seems to be a transition from FlightAware Approximate to Aus ATC (RADAR), as there are two 10:35AM entries. However the Aus ATC (RADAR) entry seems to me to trend against the Approximate. The next Aus ATC (RADAR) entry is sensible.

All over the shop. The tracking is very disconcerting.

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