Short takeoff A380


Flight UAE415, also known as UAE8JH is an Emirates A380 flying Sydney to Dubai.

Flightaware shows it as taking off from YRPA which is an hospital heliport.

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Heliport Airport (Sydney, New South Wales) YRPA

As it is currently over Central Australia at 30,000 ft and travelling at 442 kts I am guess that it is not an air ambulance.


We were sent a wildly incorrect ETA by Australian air traffic control which broke tracking for this flight. Your screenshot is an ad hoc/position-only flight that was not properly matched to a schedule or flight plan. Our internal team has been alerted in case there is something we could do to prevent this in the future.


Thanks for the explanation.

I noticed some time after that Flightaware corrected the error.

Should these sorts of errors be reported so they can be manually fixed or does Flightaware have an internal method for detection and correction?



You can report them to us at but we can’t always correct things after the fact.


On the right side, under the Flight Details, there is a “Report inaccuracies on this page” button.

This button will create a report for someone at FlightAware to look at.