Witnessed large formation of aircraft near Philly last night


Last night, my wife and I were on the PA turnpike between 6 and 7 pm and watched nearly 30 aircraft spaced out in a line flying over us.

The all appeared to be the same type of aircraft but it was dark and could not id them.

Does anyone know if these were military aircraft flying to a base or something?


Propeller aircraft or jets?


My best guess was prop. They seemed too slow for jets. That is why I though military , possibly C130s going into Willow Grove.

But I’d love to know if that was the case.


If they were spaced out in a line then they were probably in line for landing at PHL or some other airport. Yes, they would be going slow.


I would hazard a guess that what you observed was the traffic lined up for a standard PHL arrival. You most probably observed a string of landing and/or collision avoidance lights extending into the distance. Relative speeds of other vehicles, especially aircraft, are very difficult to estimate from a moving automobile.

NAS Willow Grove closed in September of this year and all of its air assets have been transferred to Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst.