any odd flights happen around like 11:30 pm near Philly

Because i live in a town that is like right out side of Philly and i went outside and saw a plane that looked like it was two low and it keep geting lower as it flew.

Sorry if this is in the wrong area i don’t know where it would go.

Like…I am just going to wait for next few responses… :wink:

enter Dami stage right.

Could it have been about to land? :slight_smile:

No it was to far from the airport to be that low and it was going the wrong way.

Have you looked through arrivial / departure history for local airports that might help you identify the plane in question.

Did you hear a tuboprop, fanjet, turbojet etc. This might help you narrow down type of your low flier.

eg. tuboprop may be Dash -8, ATR-42 etc.
tubojet ( high pitch ) may be older 727 / 737
tubofan ( lower pitch ) newer 737 / 757 / 767

What was weather like, low flier landing under cloud cover, fog??

A bit of research on your part bobert, might help everyone else help you. :slight_smile:

I am new to all of this. All i know is that it was an American Airlines plane. I could see that on the plane.

Sorry for not knowing much about it. But it just looked to low. It looked like might have been maybe like 7 stories high. It probably was safe but i am not used to seeing them that low in this area. Because i live in a town in Jersey like maybe 10 minutes away from Phila. Int airport and i see planes fly above all the time but this has been the lowest one i have seen yet.

(I take it Dami is sleeping in…this is just too much for him to be ignoring) … /KMIA/KPHL

AAL 737-800 out of Miami. … L/tracklog

Please tell me it was NOT this easy. And I didn’t even ’ see ’ the plane.

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Not really. I’ve decided that I now longer want to be Don Quixote. This is America. People have the right to be illiterate.



LOL. This is only my 2nd post and I have more fun reading the witty humor on this forum!!

To the author of this topic, you can always call an airport if you’re concerned about noise abatement, but if you’re just concerned for the safety of the aircraft, I’m sure you would have heard otherwise. Perhaps the pilot was just feeling a little low.