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Wine on ARM(RPi)

RTL-UVD program for MS Windows - 740 MHz Russian SSR data receiver and decoder.

Because there is no version of the program for ARM I am puzzled by the question of whether such RTL-programs work in wine for ARM.

Is RPi3/4 performance sufficient for such a task?

I’d be surprised if it was fast enough for anything real, since you’d need full x86 processor emulation (qemu, etc). Emulating in the other direction, a modern x86 processor emulating a Pi through qemu runs maybe as fast as a Pi 1 if you’re lucky.

Virtual Radar Server running successfully on a Raspberry…

That’s C# / Mono, though - it’ll be JITting to native ARM instructions I expect.

TBH your best bet would be to find an implementation that has source code available, and build that for ARM. A cursory search didn’t find anything though (I can’t even find specs on UVD)

Which is not a native Windows Program. You need Mono and the specialized Linux version for it

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UVD decoder for RTLSDR devices with output to console only. The network part with TCP data output in MSG format is not implemented. Therefore, it is not very practical.
Specifications even in Russian are incomprehensible to a layman. :face_with_monocle: I did not find a detailed description.

Based on that code, the modulation doesn’t seem too hard (the bit rate is much lower than Mode S) but the messages are only 20 bits long so I’m not sure how much useful data is in there. It looks more like what you’d get out of Mode A/C than Mode S or ADS-B. What does rtl-uvd manage to extract?

like Mode A/C - altitude, fuel remaining, specific call sign(does not match to registration number). Sometimes speed.