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New User Question (PiAware and RTL-SDR "?")


Looking to possibly do two things, running PiAware and a RTL-SDR server from the same Raspberry Pi? I have a hardwired ethernet connection to my garage and adjoining 35’ TV tower with an Ambient Weather WS-900-IP (Wireless), XM, FM and UHF antennas mounted (RG-6). Just picked up my second PI (a used 2B) and would like to stream SDR back to my PC just for viewing / exploring along with sharing PiAware if possible? From what I’ve read that might take 300Mb of uploaded data / mo, well under my 1Tb data plan :). I have not purchased a SDR dongle yet, but was going to go generic from a US supplier since the FlightAware dongle is more dedicated to it’s app.

If this is a total no go, I may just install RTL-SDR on one SD card and PiAware on another and swap before dedicating to one or the other (or just get a 3rd PI).

Thanks for any input and advice.

You’ll need two dongles if you want to simultaneously run dump1090 & also run rtl_tcp to stream data back to your PC.

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Thanks. I did see another posting about using two dongles, but I think they were both being used for the running of dump1090. They increased the coverage for either side of their house.

Hopefully this will help. I use Virtual Radar Server on my Windows 10 pc. I have the ‘receiver’ set to my RaspberryPi’s IP address. I used the ‘wizard’ feature under ‘Options>Receiver’ to locate the correct port.

It seems to be working great so far. I just changed some of the settings on the webpage in my Chrome browser to be more aesthetically pleasing for my needs.

I forgot to mention, you can also re-broadcast your feed with Virtual Radar Server on the PC to other services if you so choose and you can set as many ‘receiver’ profiles as you’d like to listen on different ports of the RaspberryPi.

Thanks for the info. This will be very helpful. The holidays have kept away from peeking at this.

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