Second RTL dongle in same PI, for general SDR?

Hi guys,

After finding my original NooEgg RTL dongle (I now have 2 dongles), I’m quite interested in general SDR.

Of course, i have my Pi2 setup and running fine with PiAware and associated hardware (423rd in the worrrrrld! :wink: )… “that’s safe”.

My Pi’s only using about 30% processor capacity running ADS-B stuff.

What I’d like to do is use my second RTL in another usb port on the same PI, connected to a “different” wideband antenna, amp etc - then pump this out over the existing cat 5 to my main PC for later “jiggery pokery”.

Apologies if this is off topic, but if you seasoned Hams out there could point me in the right direction (firstly, is this even possible?) I’ll booger arrff and take my “filthy non-adsb” talk somewhere else :wink:



rtl_tcp is probably what you want here.

A couple of gotchas:

The dongles are power hungry, you may not be able to reliably power two directly from the pi.
You will want to assign serial numbers with rtl_eeprom so you can make dump1090 use the right dongle consistently.

And look here:

The process before it was made easy by dump1090 etc