2 rtl dongles on a RPi2 with hub = ADSB + ATC + RTL_TCP?

Hi guys,

Just found this on another Ham related site…

hamradioscience.com/adding-a … 2u-sticks/

Basically, piping Adsb, ACARS and ATC from 3 RTL’s over a splitter - then out to sharp# for viewing (from my quick look).

Not interested in ACARS as I’m pretty sure this isnt used much - if at all - in the UK.

What I would like is the ATC to go with the plots on something like VRS.

So, first question would have to be - can a Pi 2 support the two sticks (1 for adsb, 1 for ATC) over a simple hub?

I imagine each would have to push data out via a different port etc - then pipe over RTL_TCP via cat 5 to the viewing pc?

Oops, sorry guys - forgot I posted then wrote off the same idea a little while back!

@Admins - feel free to remove this thread…