ADS-B and VHF in one box?

Hey folks, first post so go easy on me :slight_smile:

I’m very interested in setting up a PiAware box in my loft.

I would also like to set up some kind of airband receiver/server in the same location. I’ve read about ways to do this with an RPi but what I would like to know is it possible to have PiAware and an airband receiver working on the same Pi?

Same RPI, sure, most have 4 USB ports.
Some do ads-b, acars, UAT, AIS on the same box.
You could do other variations like adding airband, APRS etc.
Depending on the dongle, you may run out of USB power. A powered USB hub would help, if you are not powering the device via POE.

Only interested in ADS-B and Airband tbh. I’m assuming 2 sticks would be needed?

Always use a quality power supply. 2.5 amp for rpi3. 2amp for RPI2

Cool. I already own an old RTL stick. I’ll keep that for Airband and get one of the fancy FlightAware Pro sticks for ADS-B. Thanks for the advice :slight_smile: will help you set up your dongle, no sound card required.

They will SSH in to do it remotely if you like.

Then you can listen to your VHF feed from anywhere.

Not likely, I’m in the UK.


This is what LiveATC uses for non-legacy (sound card) installs.

I’m just going to use the standard RTL-SDR package with SDR# as a front end on my PC. Makes it easier to switch between INT, FIN, TWR & GMC.

Does anybody know of a better front end? Something that actually looks like a traditional radio scanner would be nice.