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PiAware and GQRX and Streaming Server On Raspberry P 3 b+


Hi All,

My first post here so be gentle with me!

I have my PiAware Receiver set up. To make the solution complete, I want to stream the chatter from local aviation. I only care about one channel. 122.8 at HAF.

  1. I have the FlightAware Pro dongle and the 1090 antennae they sell. Do I need another USB dongle and different antenna?

  2. If this is not going to work and somebody knows so, a heads up before I dive in would be appreciated.

  3. If anybody has a better solution to recommend other than GQRX, please share.

I am comfortable with all flavors of Linux so the best solution does not need to be the easy one.

Thanks for any input.


Yes. These dongles can only tune to a single frequency at a time (and receive ~2MHz around that frequency), so you’ll need a second dongle to simultaneously tune to 1090 & 122.8. The antenna you have is tuned specifically for 1090MHz and isn’t going to work very well at 122.8MHz, so you’ll need a second antenna for airband.

I’m not hugely familiar with what’s available for streaming airband audio, but you might want to look into e.g. https://github.com/szpajder/RTLSDR-Airband


I don’t know how the guys at liveatc.net typically configure rtl_airband but i’m pretty sure most feeders using dongles use that application.

If you are willing to feed i’m sure he will assist you in getting a feed up and running, they are always looking fore people to provide feeds.
Or the frequency you are looking for could already be there then you could just use that stream.

You will need another dongle, the rtl-sdr blog v3 dongle is pretty good.
Also you need an antenna for airband, you can take a look around here: https://forums.liveatc.net/feed-setup-pictures/

That should give you an idea about possible antennas.
If you are in a good position, a simple dipole around 1.2 m long will do, but if you are going to DIY an antenna, a quarter wave like this is probably a good bet and easy: http://www.localmeridian.com/2016/06/build-your-own-antenna-14-wave-vhf-ground-plane-antenna/


Thanks for your help!