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Support for Stratux v3 UAT SDR

Stratux offers a low power UAT SDR. Support for this would be helpful in a dual-frequency setup.

Thought it was just a standard rtl-sdr compatible device with programmed serial number.

With the serial number the Stratux image can distinguish the two dongles.

Have you tried using it with piaware?

The radio uses a TI CC1310 chip instead of the RTL2832. In the Stratux code they have a separate file for handling this dongle ( main/lowpower_uat.go). The card does not show up when you run rtl_test and does not get recognized by piaware.

AFAIK it’s not a SDR, it’s actually got the demodulator on board. If you can make it produce data on 30978 in the common dump978 format (I believe stratux is still using the same format as my original dump978 / dump978-fa, which should be fine) then piaware & skyview978 should be able to use data from there. The software to bridge from the dongle to a tcp port doesn’t exist right now though AFAIK (basically, something analogous to beast-splitter which does that job for a Mode-S Beast)

edit: I looked at the stratux code and it doesn’t seem like it would be too painful to build something to handle the dongle - the dongle just looks like a serial port which produces decoded UAT messages in a custom format, the host does the FEC but that’s about all.

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I have some proof-of-concept code for this now, so support may turn up in a future release of dump978 if it works out OK


There’s some experimental support at https://github.com/flightaware/dump978/tree/stratux-dongle
Run dump978-fa with --stratuxv3 /dev/uatradio
It seems to work OK so far. The stratux dongle does seem to have trouble with higher gain antennas / noisy environments though - it was deaf when using a FA 978MHz antenna with no filter, but worked OK with a filter in place.

Got it working. I built the package and installed that. It looks like piaware-config will need updating to support the option for this radio.
I’m using the stratux antenna at the moment and got a few hits, but only in a short range. Thanks for the quick turnaround!

Yeah the sdcard image / configuration half of it is not there yet.