Wild Nassau Harbor Landing


Stumbled across this on the web…my apologies if this is a double post, didnt see anything similar…


Stumbled across this on the web…my apologies if this is a double post, didnt see anything similar…

Your link ain’t workin’ because it contains extraneous code at the end. If you edit your post and remove the “” from it, then it should work.

Here’s a good link to the video:


Twin Otters are easy to control. The pilot was in control the whole time.


That’s probably quite true, but there were a number of other crafts in the channel, all also in complete control of their “pilots”. Without any explicit communication between the boats and the airplane to coordinate each craft’s intentions, the window for an incursion is wide open. If I were on one of the boats, I would have sought out the pilot, and made sure that the only thing that would keep me from making a huge stink out of the incident would be a turn at the controls of the plane! :wink:


Boat had to make a hard left going on memory of what I watched.

Pilot was not in communication with the boat captain, doesn’t sound like the pilot had things in control.

Granted, distance does funny things on water, and in watching the video, the plane appeared much further in my eyes then maybe in the captains eyes, as I didn’t see the need for the evasive manuever by the boat captain.



This was NOT that close of a miss. The only reason it’s even being discussed is because there’s a video available to watch.

Anyone wanting to see some close calls should have been on Cat Cay during one of the tournaments and watched Cappy Chalk’s amphibs arrive or depart.

Or Antigua during race week.

For the record, Nassau is a controlled harbor. That Twotter was almost certainly landing AFTER contacting the Harbor Master, who would then make a general broadcast on VHF Ch. 16 to clear the area used by aircraft.

The sportfisherman was in the WRONG!


I believe that once the floats hit the water the aircraft is required to follow the Rules of the Road for watercraft. The aircraft would need to insure they remain in a right of way position, and take prudent action if there is a risk of a collision regardless of the right of way.

What I saw would in the video doesn’t raise concern.



It looked like whoever was at the controls of the boat started to go in pursuit of the plane for a few strong words at the end of video! :smiley:


Correct, once it’s on the water it’s just another vessel, even when it’s taking off.


It looked safe to me as there were no boats in front of the plane. The drama queens on the boat were wrong. If you want to see this scene play out all day, goto the south end of Lake Union in Seattle during the summer months.