WiFi dongle neccessary?

I installed piaware 3.1.0 on my new Rpi3 with onboard wifi support. I can’t see any wifi so my question is: Do I still need a WiFi dongle or is there a way of configuring the wifi?

The internal wifi is supported. You should edit /boot/piaware-config.txt to enable wifi and set the ssid and password. This can be done directly on the sdcard if you like (/boot is a FAT partition and can be accessed on a separate PC easily). See flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/bu … ional#wifi

Hi obj
I am having a similar issue with my RPi3 and just sent you a PM along with my config file.
Message is still in my pm “outbox” (not sure why it has not transitioned yet to my “sent messages”).

Never mind, I figured it out.
RPi3 is not 5G WiFi compatible. Apparently my XFINITY router was set to 5G and so the RPI3 could not see it even though it is configured correctly.
My temporary workaround is a small 2.4G portable router plugged into an ethernet port on the XFINITY router setting up a secondary 2.4G wifi network.
Works great !!