Wi Fi dongle help

Hi all,

I have some Odroid 5B dual band wi fi dongle to use but am having a lot of issue trying to find a easy installation scripts. I am running as an OS Armbian 21.08.1 buster 5.10.60.

if anyone can point me to a SSH install to set up a dongle, that would be a help :slight_smile:

You should run lsusb to find out what the wifi dongle’s actual chipset is then look for a driver for it. If it’s a fairly new chip, newer than your kernel, it may be supported by one of the newer kernels if one is available for your distro. Otherwise you may be able to find a Linux driver for it on github.

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most of the well known chips is supported directly by the kernel, especially the cheaper sticks, many of them contain a typical chip.

as jaymot stated, check lsusb regarding the plugged in stick.

Have you tried just configuring wpa_supplicant.conf with the relevant data?
I’d almost guess you’re looking more for info on how to configure wifi than anything else.

As Ubuntu have a bullseye based OS now for the N2, I have gone back with them for OS. In doing that, I got the wifi to work much easier. How ever :anguished: when set up in my enclosure, the wifi signal was not good. There is a number of wifi killers between the router and the enclosure, including a metal roof etc. So … I had plenty of Cat 6 SFTP cable lying around, so ran another hard wired network cable up to the enclosure with not too much problems. Nothing like hard wired network connection. Thanks for you suggestions :slight_smile:

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