Dual 978 and 1090 radios


Right now I have a PiAware SD image with the pro dongle meaning I only get 1090 ADSB. Is there any benefit to buying the orange dongle and running them in dual stack? Will I need a new RPI, or can I use a single RPI? My outdoor enclosure right now (pictured below) has the indoor antenna, but I would like to use the proper antenna with bulkhead SMA connectors. Is there any problem having the antennas near one another?

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Not sure what type of Pi you’re running. I had two dongles on a RBPi 2B+ and it ran fine on PiAware 6 through 8 (a flood in my basement destroyed it and the UAT dongle but somehow my ADS-B dongle was spared).

You’ll need to get USB extension cables to fit both dongles on the Pi, and this may also help your reception by separating the dongle from the RF noise coming off the Pi. Even a few inches helps. Someone has posted a tutorial on how to serialize the dongles so they both run on your device.

It’s not required, but the best practice is to have the antennas at least 60cm/24-inches separated, and kept away from any other antennas or metal objects. The way I’ve seen many people do this is by putting a PVC cross-bar atop the mast and the antennas are mounted to that.