Why is a Tail number in RED?


Why is a tail number in Red, such as this: flightaware.com/live/flight/N80AP

I searched and could not find any explanation for this.

Thanks in advance.


Indicates a “Lifeguard” (air ambulance) operation.


If you click on “lifeguard” in the flight id or go to flightaware.com/live/special/lifeguard/ you can find a list of all currently flying lifeguard flights.


I thought it probably was because of it being an ambulance. I imagine they in red only when operating as ambulance/urgent medical need. I wonder why they’d have one coming into to DMW. I can’t imagine something coming in here to have something done, must be someone/somethng going out.


You’d be surprised.
Lifeguard flights operate not only for patients themselves, but other time-critical medical needs. Maybe that something coming in might be in a small cooler, heading to the nearby hospital where someone is waiting for it.


O.k. Thanks for the info. That had not occurred to me.


We’ve sure come a long way since flying the diseased patient to the transplant location on scheduled airlines… :wink:


…or, as in the case of someone close to me, the surgeons were flown out of town to the donor, the organs were procured, and they flew back with the gifts. A very honorable flight to fly for a pilot, I must say.

Many cannot afford the costs in cases where it’s not covered by insurance. Pilots willing to donate their time to fly in these instances will never be forgotten.


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O.K. now that plane took off 3/6 (see: flightaware.com/live/flight/N80AP )
and the tail is not red, so that means it isn’t operating in “ambulance” mode?



Lifeguard flights get preferential treatment from ATC. They usually let them depart before other airplanes if they can, and try to get them the most direct routing to their destination.

A few days ago I heard this transaction between a french-speaking canadian pilot and Jacksonville Center:

ATC: Charlie Fox somethingorother JAX center, are you a lifeguard flight today?

Airplane(thick french accent): ahh…charlie foxtrot say again please?

ATC(slower): Are you operating a lifeguard flight today?

Airplane: aaahhh, we are leveel at Flight Level twoo tree zeero and no problems with any turbulence or anything of that nature sir.

ATC (slightly annoyed, but i give him credit): Are…you…a…lifeguard flight?

Airplane:pause…I’m sorry sir I do not understand, we have no problems, we are going to continue to our destination.

ATC: OK, charlie fox (whatever) I have new routing for you advize ready to copy.

Airplane: ready to copy sir.

ATC went on to read him the new clearance VERY slowly, spelling out each fix as he went.

I just thought it was funny, the “everything is Ok here sir” response to the question.


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Don’t worry so much about your nose, it’s the whole plane that counts. :smiley: