Red Tail Numbers (again????????)

I wouldn’t dare ask what a red tail number means!:lol:

But why does it show up in red only in the scheduled enroute/arrivals and schduled departures lists?
Why don’t they show up in red in the arrival and departure lists?

Can you give some examples?

The tail number is only red when the operation itself is a lifeguard (e.g., it is indicated as such on the flight plan). Usually, an aircraft is only operating as a “lifeguard flight” on one segment of a trip.

You can click around on the activity log to see the “Lifeguard” title come and go in the header.

Well… Its actually NOT normal for us to fly Lifeguard on only one segment. WE are allowed use the designator (and do so) flying to pick the patient, as well as when the patient is on board.

Its just as important for us to get expeditious handling on our way there.


damiross → It’s just that I noticed a few times (Dont remember the tail#s) a red tail# in the scheduled departures, but once the the flight had taken off and the flight description has moved in the departed list, the tail# color was like all others.