Is there a way to Seperate our Normal flights from Lifeguard

Just wondering if there is a way to track flights filed as a Lifeguard flight vs non lifeguard flights. I have tried by entering LN501HC for example but it doesnt show accurate data as we have flown a lot of lifeguard flights since sept.



Hi, Brian.

You can track the flights under the aircraft’s normal tail number. I’m not sure why any of the flights are showing up with the L prefix.

It would help us greatly to be able seperate flights that are non patient vs pt on board flights would that be a nightmare to incorperate? I think atc puts an L in front of their tail# when they file lifeguard but you would know better than I


As a fellow crewperson on Lifeguard flights, I welcome you to FA. I am not aware of the “L” designation on our flights. As a Lifegaurd flight, even if we are flying to pick up a patient, we can use the “Lifeguard” designator. Since my company uses multi-purpose Learjets (both corporate and medical), I have found the best way to keep track is to input the tail numbers into the “My Flightaware” function of the main site.

That way, all I have to do is click on the “My Flightaware” button, and I find out where all my planes are at the time. Any flight which is Lifeguard shows up in red.

I hope that helps.