Lifeguard flights not showing up

My company has had several Lifeguard flights in the air this week that were filed as Lifeguard and not showing as lifeguard…
Whats up??

Please provide examples with tail number, origin, destination, and date.

for the last 2 days no lifeguards flights are showing up on the Special page-

Company flights-



all filed as lifeguard and not showing

Thanks for the details, flyboy. This looks like our issue, not the FAA’s; I’ll get the dev team to fix it.

Should be a steamy 95F for your return to Houston today.

Thanks mark- but I’m in N40PK today. just got back from Bermuda :smiley:

Still no Lifeguard flights showing up on the special page

I have had the same issue. Some legs do appear as Lifeguard, but not all of them. All flights filed properly using the LN prefix.