Why didn't more airlines order the B767-400/ER?


Why didn’t more airlines order the B767-400/ER? Why wasn’t it popular like the 767-200 and -300?






A more useful answer:

The 767-400 was designed with Delta in mind. Delta needed an aircraft to replace its L-1011’s.

As with many airliners designed to the requirements of one or two airlines and/or limited performance (e.g. Dassault Mercure and Vickers Vanguard), there wasn’t much of a market for it. There was also competition from the similarly sized A330-200.

The only airlines that ordered the 767-400 were Delta and Continental (now United). One example was ordered by the Bahrain Royal Flight.


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that jet was actually intended to be the Air Force’s first E-10A … when that program was cancelled, it was made available for another buyer


Yeah, I always wondered about that, considering the numbers of the others.