Delta Air Lines Boeing 757-300s

Delta Air Lines has 16 Boeing 757-300s in their fleet. I was thinking why the airline isn’t equipping the fleet with winglets like they are doing with their -200s.

Is it just not needed for Delta? Or will they most likely do it in the near future?

A lot of Delta’s 757’s don’t have winglets. I’m sure they’ve considered it. With a small in-demand fleet it makes it sort of hard to take them out of service for the retrofits.

Maybe that idiot that runs Delta would rather spend the companies money on RJ’s they said they were going to get rid of but haven’t. They are adding them. Or maybe that idiot is spending the money on 25 year old MD series planes that are not fuel efficient as opposed to buying new aircraft. I noticed articles about everyone purchasing new Boeing or Airbus aircraft but the article I read mentioned how conspicuously absent Delta was from upgrading their fleet. Sure lets put our customers in 25 year old aircraft as opposed to putting them in new and safer ones. What do they care. So adding Winglets for fuel efficiency is not in their best interests. Fuel ? Who cares. We have our own refinery . No big deal.