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Why did Boeing introduce the B747SP AFTER THE b741

I have over the years studied and read many books about the Boeing 747B Jumbo Jet I couldn’t figure out why Boeing brought a shorter version of the 747B and called it the 747SP jet special Performance Was thi thec that Douglas corporation had a sophisticated aircraft back in that era called the DC10 with versions of 10,15,30,40 series aircraft and was the most advanced jet out. Was this 747sp jet nicked named the bby Jumbo as well. C anone help out with this ifo. :slight_smile:

Correct your heading at the top of the page. Eg; Why did Boeing introduce the B747SP after the B741?.

the SP was a longer-range model that was initially designed to allow Pan Am to operate JFK <–> Tokyo nonstop

the lower passenger capacity allowed it to more directly compete with both the DC-10 and the Lockheed L-1011 on routes where the 747-100 was too big for the market

About the same time as the 747SP was the 747SR. This was a version for the Japanese domestic market. It was optimized for shorter routes. At one time it was to be called the “Super Airbus”!

In actual fact PAN AM ue the B747-100 non stop around the world non stop as did the B747SP how ever the time line of the introduction of the b Jumbo jet r 747sp had to compete with the Douglas DC10 aeroplanes as well as the L1011’S Tristar OR TRI JETS. As hy we more advanced than botH B47SP AND THE b747 at that time. But the B747SP had roken the flight record leaving the DC10 tri jet behind for long range flights. :confused:

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