The Boeing 747B Jumbo Jets

Over the years Boeing has put out many types of the Boeing 747B also known world wide as the Jumbo Jet. What really is the difference between the 747-100-200-300 series?. Is it there instruments size or it’s economical use. Now the 747-400 still exists much have gone into the desert floors and the 747-800 is now on the scene. are they all the same in size or is it that they are more advanced.

Another question. In the late sixties and early seventies why were they used on american domestic airports wouldn’t this have being un economical at that time instead of using 727’s 707’s 737’s DC10’S I have tried for many years to figure this out. So if some good person can answer this I would like to know.

Before someone suggests, check Often, Google is your friend.

I tried this Wiki not reliable any other suggestions

The best site to go to is the plane maker called There you will find many interesting facts and the history of this legendary aircraft from when it first flew and entered serve. Also there are the Mc Donnell Douglas aircraft from the past there as well which Boeing brought out some years back eg DC10, DC8 DC3 MD11 MD80 so have a look up and read.

Wiki is full of untruthful facts so be careful there.

Try this site it has every 747 series that Boeing produced plus other plane makers.