Why are the Squawk counts so high now?


You might have noticed today that on pages like this:

flightaware.com/squawks/browse/g … ly/popular

. . . the Squawk count is much higher today, almost by a factor of 10 in some cases.

The reason is that we now show the total Squawk count on every page. Previously, we would only show the number of times an article had been Squawked in that period (e.g., recently, 24 hours, etc) and sort it accordingly. Now, we sort based on the number of times it’s been Squawked in the period selected but display the total/overall Squawk count to give users a better idea of real popularity.

Keep those Squawks coming!


Nice change/addition - I wondered why the counts were that way but looks like someone squawked & got them changed - the squeaky wheel gets the grease for sure. :smiley: