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Who has the longest PiAware streak contest?


Im up to 1256 days from 10/6/2015, however, that does not include my previous station which I moved from one room to the other and wasn’t able to reconnect it because it gave a different name to my station with the same MAC address. That one started on 12/26/14 when I received my PI B+ for Christmas.


I noticed that the “longest streak” is not really that exact.
Mine shows uninterrupted since 4/2018. But I know that they were power outages, and even a planned outage when I relocated the antenna, after that date.


I think the streak is not broken unless the outage is over 24 hours.


Yes, You must be down for a whole day (UTC/GMT time)


Well done.

I just had a look and my oldest is now 1010 days.



Thank you all so much. Internally we’ve been discussing ways to recognize people that host PiAwares and FlightFeeders for significant amounts of time. Until we come to a decision on that I’d just like to say thank you from the ADS-B Team.


sigh I had a good 670+ day streak, but had to take my system down because we moved ( and didn’t have internet again for 2 weeks). On the bright side, new digs get twice the planes of the old place.


I’d like to thank gmail for killing my streak. 726 days, killed by gmail putting the outage email in my “updates” folder which ironically doesn’t give me an actual update so I can correct it.

It’s lived through two ISP changes, kept alive by connecting to my DDWRT router to my phone hotspot.


I hear ya!
My ISP “borrowed” my fibre port while I was out of the country, ending my best streak


I’ve had another outage since then, but was able to switch to a 4G feed to keep the stats up.

My Pi(s) are on UPS, my router is on (another) UPS, my ISP - nuthin’


If the UPS are cheap, switched relay type, versus dual conversion on-line type, the Pi and router will reboot anyway at the switch. Sometimes they won’t even boot correctly after the short interruptions.
Unless you modify those small power supply, they don’t have the big capacitors to ride-trough the 20ms interruption like a PC power supply, so them this will look like a brown-out.


I’ve never had that problem, even when using phone-charger type PSU.

20ms is only one cycle (at 50Hz). If the Pi sucks the PSU dry in that time, the PSU is under-spec’d in terms of current capacity
ie. if the Pi draws 500mA from a 550mA PSU, there is little margin. However, my last non-PoE supply is rated 3400mA and seems to keep the Pi running for a couple of seconds after it is disconnected from the mains.
(UPS’s are APC and HP branded)


: 395 days (10/17/2017 - 11/15/2018)


My turn. :joy:

Longest Streak: 404 days (2018-2-10 - 2019-3-20)

It helps when you stop experimenting.:grinning:

Site Stats (or White Space filler)

1556 days. :slight_smile:


Awesome streak @Doug865!

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any chance you could post current days up? I thought I was going to surpass my longest (621) but I guess I had an outage I don’t recall.


Anyway to find out what my old system did for days continuous? And I wonder if Flightaware staff could change the feed date based off that ?



1605 days and counting :slight_smile:


My RPi passed the 5 year mark in February, when I first started feeding Plane Finder, Feb 2014. Started feeding FlightAware in Oct 2014, and my current streak is from Jan 2015 to today. Would have never thought a single RPi would last so long.



My original R-Pi still chugging on after 1203 days… (it’ll probably break now I have posted this!)